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John Chenier

Dr. John A. Chenier is a founding principal and president of ARC Publications. In October, 1989 he co-founded The Lobby Monitor and, since then, he has been observing, analyzing and writing about the practice and outcomes of advocacy strategies and government policy in Canada and abroad.

In addition to The Lobby Monitor, he served as executive editor and publisher of ARC's other newsletters: Inside Ottawa, Environmental Dimensions, Ottawa Daily Fax, Public Affairs Monthly, The Lobby Monitor (Washington), Politics Monitor and The Constitution Monitor.
In addition, he oversaw the production of ARC's periodic research reports and annual publications including The Federal Lobbyist, Annual Departmental Reports and the Committee Monitor.
In the nascent stages of the internet, Dr. Chenier managed the development of internet monitoring and reputation management capabilities on behalf of various interests through a joint-venture company, Netsworth Research Ltd and i-monitor.com.
He currently serves as editor of the monthly newsletter, Inside Ottawa, and the annual Inside Ottawa Directory.

Prior to co-founding ARC, Dr Chenier was a management and policy consultant in the private sector and a policy analyst in the federal government. During his government service, he served in a number of departments and central agencies and developed policies in all the major areas ­ economic, social and cultural. Dr Chenier also has taught in the areas of politics, public policy and organization theory at Carleton University, University of Ottawa and Oxford University.

He is a regular guest lecturer at universities and conferences and has appeared as a media commentator.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Economics and a Master of Arts in Public Administration from Carleton University and a Doctorate in Politics from Oxford University.

He can be reached at (613)230-3029 or by e-mail jac@arcpub.com.

Our Products

ARC Publications specializes in events, issues and trends in the areas of government and public policy. ARC currently publishes:

Inside Ottawa a monthly publication on federal public policy and decision-making with a focus on the ideas behind emerging and current federal public policy.

The Inside Ottawa Directory The annual pocket guide to government, with photos, mini bios, key contact numbers and other insights from the world of Canadian federal politics in pocketbook form ARC also publishes an expanded desktop edition of the Inside Ottawa Directory, available in paper or pdf format following each election.

ARC Publications is a subsidiary of Isis Research Limited.

You can reach ARC by phone, fax, post or email, if you have any questions or if you would like more information on our products.

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