Inside Ottawa Directory 2018
Ottawa's only pocket guide to government!

The Inside Ottawa Directory contains information on standing committee membership for both the House and the Senate as well as the names of senior ministerial staff. The directory provides the usual riding profiles based on most recent electoral and census data. The 2018 edition is now available.


Product Summary

A complete listing of Members of Parliament, Senate, Cabinet Ministers, committees and political aide. Plus many other names, addresses and phone numbers collected in one handy, portable format.

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Features a truckload of information in a pocket-sized package

  • Ministers, ministerial aides and senior department officials
  • Members of Parliament. Thumbnail photos, bios and key facts
  • Riding profiles and other key constituency facts
  • Senators by province with dates of their retirement
  • Officers and Leaders in the House of Commons
  • Standings by province: Commons and Senate
  • Canada's twenty-one Prime Ministers
  • Election Outcomes: 1867-2011
  • Clerks of House of Commons Standing Committees
  • Membership in Commons Standing, Special and Joint Committees
  • House of Commons Calendar


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You'll find riding information, winning margins from previous elections and other interesting nuggets to help you assess Parliament. It is in a handy pocket format so you can take it wherever you go. The ringed binding makes it convenient to flip through and allows it to remain open at the selected page.

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Pocket-sized - Inside Ottawa Directory 2018
$32.49 + $3.00 P&H + and $4.61 HST Total $40.10

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